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Chris Bowman
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A man who has grown from a middle class family background and a practitioner of Capoeira. He does not tolerate being ridiculed for his middle class background, and will lose his temper if he is. Chris's Capoeira is quite authentic to the real life Capoeira, along with the use of Acrobatics and Gymnastics. Kelly Bowman is his sister, and also studies Capoeira. Chris Bowman's fighting style closely resembles that of Tekken's Eddy Gordo and Christie Monteiro.


Urban Reign

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Page Updated:  May 15th, 2013

Well, he can fight a lot like Eddy Gordo. As cool as that is... his attire just isn't up to snuff. Quite a boring outfit he has. Otherwise, he's actually kinda fun to use in the game.

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