Chample is a shisa who is found alone in the ruins of Mina Majikina's destroyed village. Thinking it to be a harmless beast, she takes it along with her. However, in her ending, Chample reverts back to his true form and Mina senses his energy to be akin to the one responsible for the village attack. Mina prepares to kill it and promises to follow it soon afterward. Chample served as Mina's companion in SS5 & SS5 Special, but was only a playable character in Samurai Shodown 6.


Samurai Shodown 5



Samurai Shodown 5 Special, Samurai Shodown 6


Page Updated:  July 29th, 2019

Nooooope. Just no. WTF Samurai Shodown?!? This doesn't look like a character from the series I fell in love with in the early 90's. WTF is this stupid teletubby-lookin' thing? A rejected Pokemon? (No, because rejected Pokemon designs don't exist, they just use them anyway). ^o^

I ask again... Why does this atrocity exist? WHYYYY? I hate this design... and judging from Chample's official storyline, I'm supposed to hate it? *sigh* How... clever? No. What was the point of this, SNK? It needs to die quickly by fire, if it's not dead already.

To state the obvious, characters like Chample and Kusaregedo marked a period in the Samurai Shodown series when things started to get weeeeird. And you wonder why the series fell deep into obscurity and nearly died? I didn't wonder. I saw this coming when I saw concept artwork of Chample.  

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