Catherine Kyohbashi
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Catherine is an American of Japanese decent, her grandmother is from Osaka. Even though she is a platinum blond with blue eyes, she surprises everyone around her with her fluent, Kansai dialect Japanese. Even with her hasty Kansai side and her nonchalant American side, she has a bright and friendly personality. A very intense person with all of her moods showing up on her face. Under this exterior is a genius who was enrolled in MIT's College of Spirit Research at the age of ten. Her robot, Terry Yodogawa, rivals Kira's invention. Her tortoise-like Magnetism Arcana is named Medain. Her Arcana, Median (Magnetism), appears as a giant turtle and helps Catherine with her spirit research.


Arcana Heart 2



Arcana Heart 2: Suggoi!, Arcana Heart 3

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Page Updated:  July 21st, 2020

Her concept was likely inspired by Tron Bonne, but otherwise, I guess you can say she's a pretty original fighting game character. Her giant mech she rides on is pretty unique-looking at least. Since her debut, she's one of the most eye-catching/interesting characters of Arcana Heart... but I will say that she doesn't animate as well as she should. :/ On the bright side, her moveset is fairly cool and she's pretty fun to use.

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