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Bullet is a young woman, and member of a mercenary force who appears to be against Sector Seven. Having been raised by mercenaries since she was young, she fights from one battlefield to another. Bullet has a candid attitude and she doesn't sweat small details. She is the type to always keep a promise to someone no matter what. She is slightly ignorant of the world around her due to her upbringing in an all-male environment. Aside from the battle knowledge she's acquired, she doesn't know much. She is always ready to fight and usually applies her knowledge of the battlefield to everything. She is also aggressive, but has a 'big sis' sort of appearance. Bullet's drive is called "Lockon". Drive attacks allow her to quickly rush at her opponent and grab them, provided that she is close enough to the opponent.
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BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma



BlazBlue: Central Fiction

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Page Updated:  July 3rd, 2020

I like Bullet's costume design and overall appearance. She's a naturally cool character who fits in with the original BlazBlue cast. Of course, Bullet some cool & interesting animations, along with a pretty impressive and well-rounded moveset. However... I think Bullet would be a cooler design if some of her movements and animations weren't so blatantly sexualized. (Seriously, it's like she's more than ready for her official DOA series crossover debut. Missed opportunity Tecmo Koei?) :/

I mean, why is her ass sticking out so obnoxiously in her default fighting stance? -___- BlazBlue's "artistic direction" seems to have changed since the early days. Maybe you don't agree with my opinion that Bullet is sexualized? Well, maybe you don't know real women, in real life, who can fight. I know some actual human females that can punch & kick really hard, and even knock a man out with relative ease. These respectible, beautiful females I speak of don't "stick their asses out" or hit weird sexual positions while fighting. Just sayin'. But whatever floats your boat, Arc System Works. lol. I still love you.

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