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Blade was one of four Bison Troopers to be experimented and turned into cyborgs. He has undergone rigorous physical training. Their mission is to eliminate Guile and his forces.

In Blade's ending, he is revealed to be Guile's brother Gunloc (a character from Saturday Night Slam Masters), who has infiltrated Shadaloo as a deep cover agent. His appearance, and backstory, should be noted to not be part of Street Fighter canon (more important to note is that Gunloc in the official Japanese canon "is not" related to Guile in any way, shape, or form.)

In battle, Blade uses attacks that involves a great deal of concealment. He has an array of weapons at his disposal including a bazooka, a stun rod and knives which are hidden within his red uniform.


Street Fighter: The Movie




Page Updated:  June 6th, 2020

Ermac, is that you? lol. As if Street Fighter: The Movie wasn't enough a rip off of Mortal Kombat... they had to put this guy in the game. The guy with the hip swivel. Gotta give it to them... they nailed the Mortal Kombat hip swivel. I'm convinced that Blade can dance like MK's best kombatants.

Fast forward to 2016:  Why am I happy to see Capcom didn't forget about this design? ^o^ His SFV redesign is pretty cool, actually. Wouldn't mind seeing him in the game in some form. :) 

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