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Asmodeus is the final boss of Mace: The Dark Age. The heroes of the game track down Asmodeus in order to claim the Mace of Tanis.


Mace: The Dark Age




Page Updated:  July 2nd, 2020

That LOW-RES image of Asmodius makes me laugh. Old school internet quality right there. Anyhow, that's a rather cool-sounding and sinister name... ASMODEUS! I'm scared of him. He's a better boss design than some others I can think of.

This huge -ass, dragon-like beast rises out of the ground, towering over all other characters in Mace: The Dark Age. Intimidation factor = 10/10. Sadly, his in-game character model is blocky as hell. His animations could also be better... but in the end, Asmodeus was a fairly memorable boss in Mace: The Dark Age.

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