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Angol Fear / Angol Fia
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Angol Fia was designed by renowned manga artist, Mine Yoshizaki. Although she has direct connections to the Sgt.Frog/KeroroGunso franchise, she first appeared as a guest character in Soul Calibur IV. She is the cousin of Angol Mois which revealed in chapter 148 of the Keroro Gunso manga. She is a female fighter with a spiked bustier, a creepy third eye, and a rainbow-hued lance. She uses Seong Mina's fighting style in Soul Calibur IV.

Angol Fear, unlike her cousin Angol Mois, is shown to see humans as worthless and she appears to be much more cocky, and serious than Mois. She is also much more hostile then Mois, not fearing to beat her opponents to the ground. However, she respects Mois's Fathers orders, and only inspects Earth, instead of destroying it.


Soul Calibur IV

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Page Updated:  Oct. 5th, 2018

She was a halfway interesting guest character in SC4... however, she looks a bit weird in the game because she actually retains her in-game model actually retains her "anime-esk" face (while everyone else has realistic faces). Her outfit and weapon design are both pretty unique, and I was hoping to see some unique moves from her... but sadly, she fights exactly like Seong Mina. The good news is, she looks pretty natural using Seong Mina's style.

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