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Akihiko Sanada
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A former member of S.E.E.S. who is close to Mitsuru. Though still in college, his thirst for power led him around the world to train. He can rush down his opponents with his quick fists and finish them with his Persona, Caesar. A cool and well-respected upperclassman, Akihiko is serious and determined, as well as cracking small jokes on small occasions (such as with Junpei, though this happens not as often), and tends to show his excitement for a big challenge. He never gives up and always tries to get stronger in order to protect what is dear to him and feels guilty for not being able to save his sister, Miki, from the fire. He acts like a older brother for the younger S.E.E.S. members.
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Persona 4 Arena

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Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

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Page Updated:  Oct. 3rd, 2019

As the boxer of Persona 4 Arena, Akihiko is definitely cool. His stance reminds me a lot of Steve Fox actually... I swear the 2D artists must've been looking at Steve's stance when animating Akihiko's! lol. Overall, Akihiko definitely has some cool moves (and a lot of punches, which is always a good thing for a fighting game character). However, his personality doesn't show in-game all that much... I guess you already have to know his background from Persona 3.

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