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Aeon made his first appearance in Castlevania: Judgment and was designed exclusively for the game. Aeon is a member of a group that watches over and preserves the flow of time. It is because of Galamoth seeking to take Dracula's throne by erasing the time that he lives in, Aeon goes into action to correct the disturbance to the flow of time by gathering the 13 soul keys and using them to find a chosen warrior to stop Galamoth's messenger, The Time Reaper.


Castlevania Judgment

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Page Updated:  June 6th, 2019

Aeon is one of the better character designs from Castlevania Judgment... probably because he wasn't a "remake" of an existing character, like most of the cast. Visually, he's an awesomely intricate and interesting design. Love the art style. His "clock-sword" weapon is also very original and quite the artistic piece. Moveset-wise, Aeon has some notably stylish moves and animations that suit his cool appearance. Overall, he's a bit under-developed... but he's a visual masterpiece of a design. You can thank legendary manga artist Takeshi Obata for that.

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