Nicole (codename: SPARTAN-458) is a result of collaboration between the DOA's developers and Bungie Studios, the developer of the Halo series. Originally, Team Ninja asked Bungie to use the protagonist of Halo, the Master Chief, as a guest character in Dead or Alive 4. Instead, Nicole was created to avoid storyline conflicts.

Nicole is a twenty-sixth century human female from Mars who was kidnapped by the United Nations Space Command and placed into the SPARTAN-II Project, and who eventually becomes a Petty Officer Second Class. Her presence in the Dead or Alive storyline is explained as an accident involving the space-time continuum that has transported her to the twenty-first century.

Fun Fact: Spartan-458 is not the only HALO character to appear in a fighting game. In 2016, Arbiter made a guest appearance in Killer Instinct Season 3.


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Page Updated:  May 28th, 2019

Cool, I get to make a comment about HALO... heh. Honestly, I never saw what the big deal was about HALO. I started my FPS adventures in the 90's with Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake, and Quake 2... yeah, I'm old school FPS. I guess I got all the alien-killing out of my system by the time HALO arrived. I still love a good FPS campaign mode, but HALO always seemed kinda boring to me. I've seen better monsters. I've seen better armor. I've seen better guns. I've heard better music. Just my 2 cents. And it was fun.

In DOA4, Spartan-458 was a safe an effective guest character. Being a 360 exclusive fighting game, I suppose it made sense to have the most popular FPS on the system represented in an exclusive fighting game on the system, DOA4. I like the fact that it's a she under the armor. Cool. In the game, Spartan looks good visually... as good as the boring Master Chief armor could possibly look in a fighting game, really. She also had the cool Predator effect where she disappears, which had cool visuals on stages. Other than that, Spartan's moveset was pretty sleepy... a few cool moves & throws here and there, but she just animated like a typical DOA character. Yeah, moveset could've been much deeper and much more exciting.

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