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Before he was Skullomania, he was just an average salesman named Saburo Nishikoyama. His superiors were not pleased with his results as a salesman. Down on his luck and constantly under pressure for results, he volunteered to dress up and perform like a superhero at a carnival thrown for a top customer in their department store. He had hoped it would be a chance to prove his value as a salesman. When he grabbed the attention of all in attendance, something clicked in him. His fate was to be a superhero. Tired of his job, Skullomania decided to become a vigilante crime-fighter.

In Street Fighter EX2, he was described as a defector from an army of an unknown nation. He and Shadowgeist are implied to be brothers. Skullomania also made an appearance in the Arika game Technictix, released only in Japan. Skullomania also made an appearance in the PlayStation game, Fighter Maker. Skullomania's design is assumed to be inspired by the Japanese superhero Kamen Rider (who happened to be based off another character, called Skull Man). His ending in SFEX is a reference to Kinkotsuman from Kinnikuman (M.U.S.C.L.E) Giant Scene. Some fans also believe he's inspired by real-life luchador La Parka.
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Street Fighter EX

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Street Fighter EX2, Street Fighter EX3, Fighting Ex Layer, SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy


Page Updated:  May 6th, 2024

When I first saw Skullomania, my thoughts were along the lines of: "What the hell? This guy doesn't even fit into Street Fighter... and WTF kinda name is Skullomania anyway?!" However, over time... Skullo grew on me and I discovered he's actually fun to use. Looking back on him 15+ years later, I have a soft spot in my heart for Skullomania. PS1 memories, man! Skullo is awesome... just look at him, how could you not like him? An epic and hilarious superhero design. The only downside about him is that he's underdeveloped.

His visual update in SFEX2 took his design a step further, enhancing his "superhero" factor with a more Kamen Rider appearance. His Level 3 super move in EX2 was also hilariously epic (see GIF pages below). I always wanted to see Skullo make an appearance in a Capcom crossover or more legit SF game... but somehow, a female version of Skullomania ended up in that SNK Heroines game? Crazy times we live in. Pretty funny actually. Female Skullo? I can dig it.

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