Luke / Rook


The man originally known as "Rook" (for many years after Capcom Fighting All-Stars was cancelled) is actually named Luke. (Rook is a mistranslation of the name "Luke" due to the way his name is spelled in katakana and the similar R/L sound.) Luke is also known as "Rebellion Feather" and formerly "Fallen Angel". 

He is a man who, through the intervention of a secret organization, had his dormant cells awakened and became a "Code Holder". He travels with D.D. His fighting style is mainly kick-based, and uses various combinations of kicks. His splendid movement conveys a perfect mix of light and darkness. Rook / Luke doesn't speak much and has a cool aura about him. He is not the same character as Luke from SFV.


Capcom Fighting All-Stars




Page Updated:  July 1st, 2019

Since Capcom Fighting All-Stars was cancelled, so was this design. Unfortunately, not the entire cast got the "Ingrid treatment". Alas, we may never know much about Rook / Luke... unless he pops up in a future Capcom game for some reason, while I doubt. And no, he's definitely not the same Luke from SFV (confirmed by Takayuki Nakayama).

At first glance, that default outfit definitely gives off a Benimaru vibe. His fur shoulder pads look kinda comfy. Those could come in handy on a cold day. I assume his fighting style was probably going to have "KOF style" inspiration and animations. Say what you will about this design, but he looks like he would've been unlike any Capcom character to date. And yes, Rook / Luke gets a higher rating than some characters who actually appeared in (non-canceled) fighting games.

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