A warrior once knew as a hired assassin, but now he follows the commands of Zasalamel. His real name is lost in the history, since he never told anyone his real name. He lived since his younger days in the underworld, without any relative. He did everything he could trying to survive and eventually he turned into an assassin. He quickly become into the most feared assassin. His prey were always silenced without a doubt, and whoever who tried to attack him from behind found only a grizzly end. Since he never made bonds to anyone, he was always a lone wolf.

Eventually, those who wanted his death disappeared and he become the presence feared by even the powerful men. But time passed and he grew in age, and those who feared him decreased in numbers. He lived that life until one day when a young, carrying a scythe, appeared before him. While he was being torn by the young, he recalled an old man, rumored to be a magician, that he killed before. Both this "magician" and the young shared a bright gold eye. As his last thoughts he come to the conclusion this young and the old man were the same person. Then he died. And 10 years after his death, his empty bones were reanimated by Zasalamel. Maybe he didn't remember anything of his past life, or maybe he cannot tell anyone aside from himself in his current state. He is bond to obey his master, but inside himself he prays that, when Zasalamel reach his goal of ending his immortality, he would be finally free.

Revenant wasn't a selectable character in Soul Calibur IV, but he does appear in the game exclusively within Zasalamel's story mode. Instead of using the "Wave Sword" style from Soul Calibur III, he uses Cervantes' style double sword style.


Soul Calibur 3

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Soul Calibur 4


Page Updated:  Jan. 20th, 2014

I'm pretty sure Revenant was the first SC3 "bonus character" to be revealed. I had high hopes for his design, since his appearance is pretty cool. He turned out to be a decent character all around... easily better than some of the other bonus characters. Worth mentioning: He pulls off the musketeer look better than anyone else I've seen in a while.

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