Red Shadow


A 25 year-old from Russia, Red Shadow (Hotarubi) is a skilled female assassin who joined Kage under Utsusemi's guidance. Fearing the worst for her master, she sets out to confront Hanzaki before Utsusemi can. This Russian ex-Ninja was given her name due to her resemblance too a firefly's dull glow. She uses a shuriken as her sub-weapon.
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Bushido Blade



Bushido Blade 2


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Page Updated:  Dec. 27th, 2020

This Russian female samurai of the first Bushido Blade was one of the most eye-catching designs of the original roster, in my opinion. Both of her costumes in the game are pretty original and look cool. Like the rest of the cast from Bushido Blade, she also has a legit traditional fighting style.

Her return in the second game was also solid, and she didn't need to change very much. Red Shadow's personality seems a bit dry compared to others from the series... but otherwise she was an easily likeable heroine from Bushido Blade.

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