Norimaro is a nerdish, cowardly schoolboy-type guy armed with a camera; who throws common school items, mini Akuma dolls, and plushies as projectiles. From time to time, he also attempts to ask for his opponent's autograph mid-battle. He uses the comical "Ultra Variety Private Memories" Super attack, where he throws a massive amount of school supplies and other objects. He is Japanese "otaku" and a big fan of the fighter Chun-Li. He is also well versed in Marvel comics characters.

Norimaro is an original character created and by Japanese comedian Noritake Kinashi in collaboration with Capcom. However, Norimaro is a character who represents neither Marvel nor Capcom and is considered a "guest" character in the game. Noritake Kinashi himself did some of the motion capturing used in the development of Norimaro's 2D sprite. He a playable character appearing only in the Japanese arcade and console versions of Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter.

Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter
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Page Updated:  Oct. 10th, 2021

Norimaro is a SUPER random Capcom fighting game character (especially for the Western audience at the time). In a nutshell, he's based on and designed by a Japanese comedian, who himself did motion capture for the character. Norimaro is an over-exaggerated Japanese otaku stereotype... with a man-purse. The joke might've fell flat for some, but Normaro's animations and hilarious special move designs made him an instantly likeable character for anyone who was lucky enough to use him in MSH Vs. Street Fighter.

As one of the earliest fighting game "guest characters" Norimaro's stupidly-funny mannerisms and in-game facial expressions are comedy gold. He's gotta be one of the best fighting game "joke" characters of all time. Norimaro was trolling before "trolling" was really a thing. I remember the first time I saw him being played in the arcade version... I was in utter shock. What is this character even doing fighting against Marvel Heroes and Street Fighters? It makes no sense, but Capcom was brave and crazy to put such a character in the game. Finally, it was kinda disappointing that Norimaro didn't return in MVC2 (especially when there are 2 damn Wolverines).

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