Musashi Akatsuki


Musashi Akatsuki is a legendary swordsman who once traveled the countryside, honing his skills and challenging worthy opponents along the way. During one of his battles he was killed by another swordsman. When Shinnosuke Kagami begins his plan to open Hell's Gate and bring about a new world order, he resurrects Musashi to further his plans and kill innocent people. To both their chagrins, while on one of his travels, Musashi was defeated. Honorable just like he was during his life, he bids farewell to his opponent, before dissolving in a beam of light. His design is loosely based on Miyamoto Musashi.

The Last Blade



The Last Blade 2 (Console)


Page Updated:  Apr. 27th, 2020

Even though he kinda stole Haohmaru's hairstyle, Musashi is a much different character than the hero of Samurai Shodown. He's a convincing bad guy and all, but I think they could have done a lot more with his visual design. To me (a diehard Samurai Shodown fan), he just looks like a poor man's Haohmaru. On the bright side, his double katana fighting style has its cool moments (which of course is what the late Miyamoto Musashi was famous for). In the Last Blade series, he fits in at least.

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