Moriya Minakata
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At a young age, Moriya was accepted to train under a legendary instructor, Gaisei. He trained alongside Kaede and Yuki, and eventually exceeded the skill of his master. Even so, Moriya stayed with him because he (and the other children he had adopted) were more like family. For many years, they lived happily together while learning bushido. But a day came, when he was seventeen, that he found himself standing over the dead body of the man he respected more than any other. 

Kaede sees Moriya standing over Gaisei, and assumes he is the one that killed him. However, Moriya found his master dead, and the killer was nowhere to be found.. With this, he sets out on the run. Not only does he wish to avoid the confrontation from Kaede, but he also seeks the man named Shinnosuke Kagami (who was the real killer) in order clear his name. However, after over five years of searching, Moriya has yet to find Kagami, who is defeated by Kaede instead.

After failing to take revenge upon Kagami, Moriya recluses himself to the wilderness to improve his skills and techniques. During this time, he finds within himself an urge to "return" to the portal known as "Hell's Gate". Ceasing his training, he travels in order to seek the truth.
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The Last Blade


The Last Blade 2, Last Blade: Beyond The Destiny, Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS, Neo Geo Battle Coliseum


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Page Updated:  Dec. 6th, 2022

I have to admit, I thought Moriya was a female when I first saw this design. Haha. :/ However... he is clearly "pretty" enough to be a girl and even has a feminine-sounding name, so there's that. Nonetheless, Moriya has an obvious coolness about him and is probably one of the most stylish characters from The Last Blade series. His interesting cloak puts a unique spin on traditional samurai attire (vampire much?). Overall, his cool appearance and badass moves & animations definitely compliment the series. 

Moriya's fighting style is awesome for the most part. His trademark "circular" strikes are my favorite moves of his (and look cool in combos). Moriya's idle stance and animations really make a statement. Overall, Moriya was a defining character in The Last Blade series and his return in NEOGEO Battle Coliseum was unexpected but well-deserved!

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