Mitsuko is a Zoanthrope who lived amongst the humans with her daughter, Uriko, keeping her Zoanthropy a secret. Uriko began to show the potential for becoming a Zoanthrope and became the target of the organization, Tylon, who wanted to create their own army of beast soldiers. Uriko is kidnapped by the organization for their experiments. Enraged, Mitsuko pursues Tylon relentlessly so she can rescue her daughter and return to their peaceful life. In Bloody Roar 2, Mitsuko is shown on the ground being surrounded by a group of men from the ZLF. She's finally liberated by her daughter Uriko.


Bloody Roar





Page Updated:  April 17th, 2024

Mitsuko is a character created by fighting game developers thinking outside of the box! An actual fighting game female who isn't meant to appear "sexy"? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all... but c'mon. She turns into a pig, dude. Still, she's a type of character that is a rarity in video games (not only fighting games). Maybe her design would've been better if her default (human) outfit was actually good. She looks like a farmer or something. Her outfit is pretty bad, but her animations aren't terrible.

Props for the devs for doing something different, especially in the 90s... but it makes sense why this design only appeared in one game and didn't return in the sequels. (Also, why the Japanese name? She's clearly not Japanese.) Y'know, they could've just named her "Piggy" ... now that would've been clever. In any case, if your non-informed gamer friend ever says "ALL fighting game females are over-sexualized"... go ahead and kindly send them to this character profile. Thank me later.

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