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Leo is the the king of Savalia (Greedia in Warzard). He was transformed into a half-lion half-man state when an unknown force invaded his kingdom. The three wise men tried to remove the curse but couldn't. Now Leo uses the curse as his strength to "repay his debt to his countrymen" only to return to Savalia and find a large number of people (civilians and soldiers) have been kidnapped, and the monster Hauzer awaiting him. He does not to speak to those he does not deem worthy. However, Leo is actually a kind spirit who always tries to help the weak and oppressed. He is considered the main protagonist of Warzard.


Warzard / Red Earth


Capcom Fighting Evolution, Card Fighters Clash, Card fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS, Capcom Fighting Collection

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Page Updated:  Sept. 22nd, 2022

Besides looking like he could be part of the Thundercats universe, Leo is a cool and original fighting game character. As the "hero" of Warzard, he appears as a badass barbarian half-man half-lion with a huge sword... and he doesn't need much else if you ask me? Heh... barbarians... I miss the 80's when barbarians were seen in 80% of games and movies. lol. Anyhow, Leo is a cool and classic Capcom character, and he's made some pretty cool cameos in other Capcom games besides Warzard / Red Earth. His appearance in Capcom Fighting Evolution was unexpected, but very appreciated to those of us who never got around to playing Warzard. Leo's moveset is pretty cool as well, but I wish a few of his animations were a tad better.

On a side note, I wonder if he finds Felicia attractive... they'd make a cute couple (and they're a pretty cool team in Capcom Fighting Evolution). ;) On a side side note, Leo is my zodiac sign!

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