Kraken is from a pirate ship in Skull Haven. Kraken's age is unknown, weighs 198 pounds, measures 6'11 and has a buccaneer fighting style. When in Power Change, he is known as Ghost Pirate. His name is a reference to the kraken, along with his nickname, King Octopus.
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Page Updated:  Aug. 14th, 2019

This guy's face just cracks me up every time. Every time. lol. Thanks Power Stone. I'm pretty sure this bloke is the goofiest-looking evil pirate in existence. Mr. Kraken has the ultimate troll face. On that note... I guess you can say Kraken has a bit of personality. Just look at that face. Kraken also does crack, obviously... and winners don't use drugs. That's why he's the boss of the game. He's supposed to lose. You just don't acquire a face like that without doing heavy drugs for several years, you just don't.  

So at the end of the day... I guess you could say: Kraken is a crackhead pirate that cracks me up.

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