Juzoh Kanzaki


Juzoh was orphaned early in his childhood. He was adopted into Akari Ichijou's family, even though he's not related to them in any way. Even so, he and the Ichijou family are very close. Juzoh is a free-spirited and somewhat lazy person. When he's not eating, playing music, or just generally being lazy, he trains with a large club that he can wield using his brute strength.

One day while he was
laying around the house with little to keep him preoccupied, he was knocked out and "kidnapped" by Akari, who attempted to persuaded him to accompany her on a journey. The next thing he knew, he was tagging along with her on her journey to discover a landmark known as the "Gate of Hell". After their adventure, their sister Hikari falls ill and the two become extremely concerned about her health. One day as Juzoh is visiting Hikari, she discloses that their sister Akari had run away to "Hell's Gate" again to find a cure for her curse. To lay both their fears to rest, Juzoh pursues her on her quest.

The Last Blade


The Last Blade 2, Last Blade: Beyond The Destiny (Mini Game), Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS


Page Updated:  Apr. 27th, 2020

Juzoh obviously isn't a "deep" design... (he doesn't look like too deep of a guy). But the dude knows how to swing a club. Juzoh has one of the more interesting & unique weapons of The Last Blade series. He's comical in some ways, yet also manages to look cool. He's a "sloppy" fighter in many ways (especially compared to some of the expert samurais from LB)... and his cloths seem to mirror his fighting style. Overall, he's a pretty good design for the series, but there's also something semi-generic about him. On a random side note, Juzoh has the same last name as Hayato from Star Gladiator. I'm sure there's no relation, but it's actually possible. Hey, they both have brown hair. 

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