Jo Kotomura


Jo Kotomura is a young Shainto member. She is skilled in Ninjitsu and a childhood friend of Takeru Hongou.

Bushido Blade 2




Page Updated:  Dec. 5th, 2020

Jo came off as a new "cute girl / tomboy" in Bushido Blade 2. While obviously less authentic-looking for a character in a samurai game set in Ancient Japan... Jo brought a "light-hearted" sort of fan service to the game and, as a unique archetype, brought some easily-appreciated diversity to the roster.

Visually, she isn't anything spectacular, but there are some likeable aspects of her design. Her outfit is a bit skimpy but also works for her and helps her stand out in the game. She also has a clear likeness to Sakura Kasugano as well. Since Street Fighter Alpha 2 & 3 were gaining popularity in 1998... one can't rule out Jo Kotomura being somewhat inspired by Sakura. I don't remember much uniqueness about her fighting style, but I think she had a cool sub-weapon.

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