Jack is known as the "Killer Demon" from England. Considered by Dio a weak man's Nosferatu; Jack has something to prove. He wants everyone to remember that before there was the term 'serial killer, there was... "Jack the Ripper." He eventually joins Zeus because he promised him many strong people for him to cut. He is based off of the real life serial killer, Jack "The Ripper" (just like Jack from Capcom's Power Stone series).


World Heroes 2 Jet



World Heroes Perfect


Page Updated:  May 28th, 2019

This dude looks like one of the bad guys in any 90's beat-em-up game. He's usually on the first stage too... not even one of the bosses or "special" opponents. I expect his body to rapidly flash after he gets knocked down the second time (not the third time). This Jack(ass) also looks like the same baddie character in another 90's rip-off beat-em-up game, trying to look like the other bad guy I just mentioned. ^____^ You get it. Thanks for enjoying my old school gamer humor (or not).

For some reason or another... the developers of the World Heroes series thought a serial killer with scissor hands would go over well. Is that why fighting games were popular in the 90's? Let's make stupid characters that kids might think look dumb enough so dumb kids throw quarters into the machine? (If you ask me, Jack is a mostly braindead design.) Maybe a few of his special moves are kinda-maybe entertaining and almost halfway unique. But mostly not. Geeeneeerriiiic.

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