Chief Thunder


Mystical defender of Native Americans, Chief Thunder is a Native American chief armed with twin tomahawks. Long months have passed since the previous year's Ultratech tournament, and despite the wide-ranging searches of his tribe's supernatural phoenix allies, the Chief's beloved but overambitious younger brother has failed to return in either triumph or defeat. After much agonising over the matter, and to great protest from his tribesfolk, Thunder decides that he must suspect the worst concerning Eagle's fate, and pacifies his people by nominating himself as avenger. The Chief has no dreams of glory, taking up Ultratech's challenge with nothing but vengeance and a primal justice in mind.
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Killer Instinct

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Killer Instinct (2013)

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Page Updated:  May 18th, 2019

Thunder is definitely one of Killer Instinct's most memorable characters. Yeah, he could be labeled as a bit of a stereotype, and that might've been part of the reason why Nintendo or Rare decided not to put him in Killer Instinct 2. Nonetheless, Thunder was an instant classic fighting game character... his mannerisms and special moves were particularly memorable and original. No doubt his original combos and specials were iconic for the time. Thunder was a fan favorite who really should've returned in KI2.

I knew that if they ever made Killer Instinct 3, Chief Thunder would be a must... and indeed, his new appearance is pretty awesome. Although, I do prefer his original look and moveset over the 2013 version.

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