Prince Doza / Naseem
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His motto is, "I'll destroy anyone who stands in my path!" Each day, Doza seeks a more powerful opponent. However, in the world of Kickboxing, he is already without equal. Able to defeat his opponents with his bare fists, Doza has become bored and is in need of a challenge. In the midst of his unrest, he receives word of the EHRGEIZ tournament, where weapons, psychic powers, and projectile weapons are permitted. Thrilled, he is determined to test his skills. Although he has no interest in the secret that EHRGEIZ holds, his fighting spirit is fueled by the appearance of opponents that are more powerful than he has ever imagined. His design is loosely based on real life boxer, Prince Naseem Hamed.


Ehrgeiz: God Bless The Ring





Page Updated:  June 12th, 2019

He seems to be inspired by Adon... with a little Jin Kazama mixed in. Visually, he seems a bit "thrown together" as a design, but he's still pretty cool. I like the fact that he's loosely based on real life boxer, Prince Naseem Hamed. Overall, Naseem was a pretty effective Muay Thai fighter in Ehrgeiz.

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