Jin-Emon Hanafusa


Jin-Emon is one of the most loyal servants to the Bafuku government. Having served as a samurai way back in the dark ages, Jin-Emon lives according the honor code of a samurai. He lives to protect his master, and defile all those who dare attempt to dethrone his lord. He used to train under the orders of his eternal friend, Kuki, the master of the sword. There, he meets several youngsters who have helped him regain his lively energy: the young son of Kuki, Seishiro, who was always quiet and simple-mannered. The other was Jushiro, a lively, spirited young man, who saw life as an eternal dream towards the future. However, several things began to go wrong, which involved his friend Kuki being killed by his other son, Tohma, and the betrayal of Jushiro. As the most experimented samurai, Jin-Emon is assigned the most dangerous of his missions: he is to regain control in the prison island of Riten Kyo, along Seishiro. He is also ordered to kill all those traitors to the Bafuku....


Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage






Page Updated:  Oct. 28th, 2020

Perhaps if Zangief were a bit older, smaller, Japanese, and was a samurai, he might look something like this? Heh heh. Jin-Emon is kind of a plain design, yet traditional. He doesn't really have a set theme, which kinda makes him pretty boring when compared to others in the series. He has a cool weapon, but I think Gaoh uses it better. ;)

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