Han Daehan
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A master of Tae Kwon Do and a young action star without need of a stuntman, Han is a popular lad amongst the public. What the public does not know is that his right leg is actually artificial. During a movie shoot a year ago in the Middle East, a mysterious cloud of black smoke engulfed Han's leg. Peculiarly, although his leg has disappeared, he continues to retain a sensation of its existence. As he continues to seek an explanation for this particular phenomenon, he stumbles upon information that similar incidents have occurred every few decades in the area containing the ancient ruins. Han is another who becomes drawn to the mysterious surroundings of the ancient ruins.


Ehrgeiz: God Bless The Ring




Page Updated:  Dec. 3rd, 2012

Han Daehan definitely favors Hwoarang quite a bit. Besides being a Hwoarang knock-off (not "rip-off" since Namco worked on Ehrgeiz), he actually has some cool moves and fits into the game pretty well.

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