Glacius is an alien being from a distant planet. His craft crash landed on Earth, and he was soon captured by Ultratech who promised him freedom if he wins the tournament. He gets his nickname from his body's icy liquid composition and ability to shape-shift.

After escaping from the grasp of UltraTech, Glacius finally returns to the site of his crashed spaceship. With the advanced technology present at UltraTech, Glacius takes the materials he needs and repairs his damaged ship. With the memories of the evil he faced there fading slowly, Glacius begins the long and arduous trip back to his homeworld.

Killer Instinct


Killer Instinct 2, Killer Instinct Gold, Killer Instinct (2013)

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Page Updated:  Oct. 26th, 2021

I'll admit I've always thought Glacius was pretty cool... yeah, even cooler than Iceman. Wait for it... Yep, that was a cheap joke. lol. Really though, looking back on Glacius, he was a badass and clever design for a 90's fighting game character. I mean, WTF is he??? An ice-space-alien-thing who can melt and reform into a shoryuken?!? BADASS!!! :) His original moveset was really clever, and he had a lot of charisma for being an alien with no mouth. lol. For the record, I think his original appearance is cooler than his "evolved" version in KI2.

On a side note, I always wondered why Glacius sounded kinda like a cat... "Raaaaaooow!" lol.

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