Emi comes from a distinguished family and attends a prestigious private school in Armstone City. She is cared for by her grandfather who is a robotics expert. One day, her grandfather was abducted. Emi hacked into the city's computer systems and discovered that B.M. was holding him at the prison island. Taking the Teddy Mech given to her by her grandfather, she becomes a Viper and sets out to rescue him.


Fighting Vipers 2




Page Updated:  Feb. 11th, 2012

Gotta admit... that mech-teddy bear is pretty cool. She's an interesting-looking design, and from what I've seen, she has some pretty cool moves too. A bit underdeveloped for sure, but not bad for Fighting Vipers. To me, she has that "Sega" vibe also... I dunno how else to explain it. 

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