Daigo Kazama

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Daigo Kazama is a mysterious gang leader who attends Gedo High School. Big boss Daigo is very strict, though warm-hearted. He has a strong sense of duty. He is also a very charismatic leader who never fights dirty. His most respected followers are Gan and Edge. He is the brother of Akira.

After returning from a trip that takes place between Rival Schools and Project Justice, Daigo begins ordering his gang to attack random schools, much to the reluctance of Edge and Gan. When Daigo orders an attack on Seijyun High, Edge and Gan work with Akira and her Seiyjun classmates to stop him. It is then revealed that Daigo was brainwashed by Kurow Kirishima in order to create discord between the schools. When brainwashed by Kurow, Daigo is known as "Wild Daigo".
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Rival Schools: United by Fate

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Project Justice, Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition (support)

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Page Updated:  Mar. 17th, 2023

Daigo is a huge dude, sporting a badass gakuran suit... and if that doesn't say "badass" enough for ya, his fighting style will. Daigo's super moves are hilariously badass, as are most of his attacks. Daigo even has a "Wild" version of himself, just in case he needs to be more badass. See, I had to write the word badass four times in a row just to describe him. XD Ohh, and you don't mess with a guy with an eye scar like that... you just don't. In-game, Daigo is just a bully. The super move where he lets his opponent punch him for a few seconds (then destroys them mercilessly) never fails to crack me up.

Like his sister Akira, Daigo seems to have some "Tekken" in him. He shares Jun & Asuka's last name and also resembles Kazuya in a few ways (notably his hair, scars, and the way he looks in a few artworks). Daigo almost seems like a "young" Kazuya in a way. Anyhow, Daigo is clearly one of the top badasses of the Rival Schools series (dammit, I said it again), and one of my favorite fighting game characters.

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