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The boss of Marvel VS Capcom 2, Abyss was responsible for a mysterious wind that spread across the world, killing plant life in its wake. This phenomenon prompted numerous heroes and villains to band together and investigate. He's something akin to entropy incarnate, a fabled monstrosity that would bring the world back to primordial times, killing all life in the process. He can change into 3 different forms. 

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2





Page Updated:  Mar. 10th, 2022

Abyss was a solid boss for MVC2. Even though he's easy to beat with the more powerful teams of MVC2, he's actually still a decent challenge for many low-tier teams... and pretty fun to fight against if you ask me. Out of the 3 forms he changes into, I think his first and last forms are the coolest by far. I love that his first form doesn't give two shits about what you do... because he's going to perform his attacks no matter what, even as you're attacking him. lol. I think 99% of all MVC2 players would agree that his "green slime" form is nothing but annoying... especially that horrid laugh. lol. His huge final form is a bit pixilated-looking, but still offers a cool final boss battle.

Overall, this boss design showed some actual effort from Capcom. While it might've been cooler to feature an actual Marvel or Capcom villain for the final boss of MVC2, Abyss is still a memorable fighting game boss, for sure.

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