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Welcome to PAGE 2... for 2D. ;) Starting with my humble collection of fighting game artbooks, comics & other 2D / reading material. While appreciating artwork online is awesome, having the physical thing right in front you is even better (especially for drawing reference). Also scroll down further for some random boxed figures and my humble Final Fantasy collection.

tekken5dr-tekken-net-cards-kazuya-deviljin-bryan.png (3608357 bytes)
TEKKEN 5: DR Cards. Kazuya, D. Jin & Bryan!

tekken7-banapassport-cards.png (3660396 bytes)
TEKKEN 7 + TTT2 BanaPassport Arcade ID Cards!
tekken-museum-girls-postcards-2015.png (2170961 bytes)
TEKKEN Museum Girls Postcards!

ttt2-stickers-beginneers-guide.png (1822520 bytes)
TTT2 Glossy Sticker Sheet & Beginners Guide. Super Rare!

ttt2-stickers-beginneers-guide2.png (1414232 bytes)
Back of the Beginner's Guide.
Them Customs!
vf2-arcade-flyer.png (1335879 bytes)
Authentic VF2 Arcade Flyer.
vf2-arcade-flyer2.png (1252733 bytes)
BACK of VF2 Flyer.

mace-thedarkage-arcade-flyer.png (1666231 bytes)
Authentic Mace: The Dark Age Arcade Flyer.

mace-thedarkage-arcade-flyer2-back.png (1713759 bytes)
BACK of Mace flyer. <3 Those classic designs.
sfa3-arcade-flyer.png (1682488 bytes)
SFA3 Arcade Flyer!
Such excitement.
sfa3-arcade-flyer-back.png (1864497 bytes)
Back of SFA3 Flyer. That's how you know it's legit. ;)

flyer-sf3-2.jpg (137160 bytes)
Oooooooh shit.
What an epic time.

flyer-sf3.jpg (434688 bytes)
Still the best SF series. The end.
sfex2-arcade-flyer.png (1331018 bytes)
SFEX2 Flyer!

sfex2-arcade-flyer-inside.png (2349322 bytes)
sfex2-arcade-flyer-back.png (1648213 bytes)
Back of SFEX2 Flyer. Also a great series in so many ways.

Rare 2D material from Japan... TEKKEN & GGXrd -SIGN- stuffs!

ttt2-mastercup-harada-sign.png (4813865 bytes)
Mastercup 7 Guidebook! TY Double-Dee!

ttt2-mastercup-harada-sign2.png (1947725 bytes)
Signed by Harada-san! XD
ttt2-mastercup-harada-sign3.jpg (531037 bytes)
Inside cover.
ttt2-mastercup-harada-sign4.jpg (557054 bytes)
The back has some Tekken 7 content.

ttt2-mastercup-harada-sign5.jpg (536826 bytes)
Kazumi art.

ggxrd-poster-ad.png (2071314 bytes)
GGXrd poster / PS4-PS3 ad.
ggxrd-poster-ad2.jpg (764262 bytes)
ggxrd-poster-ad3.jpg (243251 bytes)

TEKKEN 4 Infinite Synthesis... Rare strategy / art book.

tekken4-infinite-synthesis.png (1491476 bytes)
Tekken 4 - Infinite Synthesis.

tekken4-infinite-synthesis7.png (2186721 bytes)
Ahh... back when Tekken 4 was new. Good times.
tekken4-infinite-synthesis6.png (1693726 bytes)
Who knew Steve Fox would become such a badass.
tekken4-infinite-synthesis4.png (2076618 bytes)
Dayum! Hachi was 75 in Tekken 4?! And I don't know what that chart is.

tekken4-infinite-synthesis5.png (2235522 bytes)
Tekken 4's artwork is still so good.

tekken4-infinite-synthesis8.png (2857195 bytes)
Xiaoyu & Paul
tekken4-infinite-synthesis3.png (2378809 bytes)
Steve & Marduk sketches.
tekken4-infinite-synthesis2.png (2532317 bytes)
How to play Tekken!

TEKKEN 3 Ultimate Guide... Mostly strategy but tons of great content.

tekken3-ultimate-guide.png (1646735 bytes)
This is awesome. *clap clap clap clap clap*

tekken3-ultimate-guide2.png (3156980 bytes)
First page. What a storyline! 
tekken3-ultimate-guide3.png (4089674 bytes)
Table of contents.
tekken3-ultimate-guide4.png (3786267 bytes)
KNOWLEDGE... Pages upon pages of this. And more of this. And more.

tekken3-ultimate-guide5.png (2443570 bytes)
Well lookie here! FFVII & SFA2!

tekken3-ultimate-guide6.png (3246600 bytes)
Funky stuff?!? Yes please.
tekken3-ultimate-guide8.png (2826759 bytes)
Color coded movelists with image reference.
tekken3-ultimate-guide7.png (2560938 bytes)
That Tekken 3 artwork.

King of Fighters '98 Shounen Oh Comic... some funny artwork in this one.

kof98-shounen-oh-comic.png (1656392 bytes)
Love that chibi artwork.

kof98-shounen-oh-comic2.png (1751133 bytes)
Ohh American Sports Team.
kof98-shounen-oh-comic3.png (1958317 bytes)
Poor Andy.
kof98-shounen-oh-comic4.png (2134099 bytes)
AOF and Chang's flabby belly.

kof98-shounen-oh-comic5.png (2449192 bytes)
Lucky's basketball has a face. A FACE.

kof98-shounen-oh-comic8.png (2227954 bytes)
kof98-shounen-oh-comic6.png (2107254 bytes)
Orochi blood.
kof98-shounen-oh-comic7.png (1321704 bytes)
The back.

"Spirit of the Sword" Samurai Spirits Illustrations... One of my all time favorites for sure.

samurai-shodown-artbook2.jpg (158729 bytes)
One seriously badass artbook.

samurai-shodown-artbook.jpg (151175 bytes)
Did I mention badass?
samurai-shodown-artbook3.jpg (184259 bytes)
I love looking at these.
samurai-shodown-artbook4.jpg (212743 bytes)
SS2 artwork.
samurai-shodown-artbook5.jpg (210112 bytes)
So much good stuff.

samurai-shodown-artbook6.jpg (262158 bytes)
SS3 artwork.

samurai-shodown-artbook7.jpg (245226 bytes)
SS4 busts & backgrounds.
samurai-shodown-artbook8.jpg (219633 bytes)
SS2 Pocket Artwork & Ink works.
samurai-shodown-artbook9.jpg (257816 bytes)
Never knew those on the left were official art!
samurai-shodown-artbook10.jpg (192779 bytes)
Amazing sketches.
And so many...

Capcom's "30th Anniversary" Character Encyclopedia... Not too much artwork in this one, but lots of nostalgia and fun stuff to read up on. 

capcom-character-encyclopedia.png (1031133 bytes)
Wow, I'm as old as Capcom.

capcom-character-encyclopedia1.jpg (198659 bytes)
Two badasses.
capcom-character-encyclopedia9.jpg (172977 bytes)
Charlie... meet Chibiterasu.
capcom-character-encyclopedia2.jpg (168738 bytes)
Pretty cool team here.
capcom-character-encyclopedia3.jpg (202045 bytes)
Yasha & Yukimura.

capcom-character-encyclopedia8.jpg (182682 bytes)
Heihachi... Err.

capcom-character-encyclopedia5.jpg (201964 bytes)
Before Final Fight, there was Avengers.
capcom-character-encyclopedia6.jpg (193517 bytes)
Good times in CFE, Hauzer.
capcom-character-encyclopedia7.jpg (189892 bytes)
Same height!
capcom-character-encyclopedia4.jpg (187155 bytes)
Old school.

Marvel VS Capcom: Official Complete Works! Highly recommended to any MVC fan.

mvc-completeworks.png (1608547 bytes)
Birthday present from Jet3000. :)

mvc-completeworks2.png (1820248 bytes)
Great tribute art.
mvc-completeworks3.png (1965353 bytes)
I love Kinu Nishimura.
mvc-completeworks4.png (1846503 bytes)
MVC3 Japanese Box Art.
mvc-completeworks5.png (1516378 bytes)
Never seen Apocalypse's XM VS SF art until opening this book!

mvc-completeworks6.jpg (180860 bytes)
Classic MVC2 goodness.

mvc-completeworks7.png (2502559 bytes)
Possibly my fave page. Amazing pencil lines.
mvc-completeworks8.jpg (180578 bytes)
Another favorite page. MVC1 poster character art!
mvc-completeworks9.jpg (157604 bytes)
Sketches and sprite concepts. Amazing.
mvc-completeworks10.jpg (232032 bytes)
The only way to appreciate these is UP CLOSE. Buy it.

SF20: The Art of Street Fighter!

sf20.jpg (142267 bytes)
Badass cover.

sf20-3.jpg (108670 bytes)
The legends.
sf20-4.jpg (126156 bytes)
Some rare stuff in this one.
sf20-5.jpg (170271 bytes)
Awesome artist comments on many classic artworks!
sf20-6.jpg (129112 bytes)
A must have artbook for any SF fan!

Super Street Fighter 4 Official Complete Works!

ssf4artbook.jpg (136036 bytes)
Ryu's on the cover? No way!!!

ssf4artbook8.png (1917777 bytes)
Juri Han <3
ssf4artbook7.png (2028347 bytes)
Early Hakan & Juri concepts! lol.
ssf4artbook4.png (2166783 bytes)
Ken Masters.

ssf4artbook5.png (1926606 bytes)
Crimson Viper.

ssf4artbook9.png (2034759 bytes)
Chun Li alternate outfit concepts.
ssf4artbook3.jpg (119793 bytes)
The Gief.

The Darkstalkers/Red Earth: Maleficarum Manga.

maleficarum.jpg (110312 bytes)
X-mas present from Jet3000. Yosh!

maleficarum2.jpg (116614 bytes)
Darkstalkers & Red Earth mesh well.
maleficarum3.jpg (113296 bytes)
maleficarum4.jpg (125761 bytes)
Hot artwork!
maleficarum5.jpg (129339 bytes)
Decent story too!

Darkstalkers Graphic File... one badass art book.

dark.jpg (158085 bytes)

dark8.jpg (158383 bytes)
dark2.jpg (173337 bytes)
Bengus, Shinkiro, Ikeno... Nuff said.
dark7.jpg (136725 bytes)
Love the one on the right.

dark3.jpg (291732 bytes)
Early Demitri concepts... LMAO!

dark4.jpg (255764 bytes)
I'm glad they didn't go with "Macho" Morrigan
dark5.jpg (131569 bytes)
dark6.jpg (228112 bytes)
Ahh, dammit... More toys I need to get.

The first run of UDON Street Fighter comics? ...You bet.

sf1.jpg (143460 bytes)
#0 Sealed!

comics1.jpg (212450 bytes)
Excellent reads. (although #0 is untouched, of course). ;)

Love that Alvin Lee cover.

Gamefan Nightwarriors strategy guide??? What're you doing in there?

The Ryu Final manga... takes place in a cool time period.

ryufinal.jpg (128998 bytes)
Japanese version.


Hugo's BIIIG.

Poison again.

Some KOF 2002 Hong Kong comic books... love that art style.

kof2002.jpg (185956 bytes)
Iori on the cover.


Interesting art style.

Heidern sucks. lol.

kof2002-9.jpg (100653 bytes)
Ignis & K'

Kyo must've slipped.

K' team.


kof2002-5.jpg (116671 bytes)
Someone kill Ignis already.


Yamazaki! That mo-fo!

He fell for the super.

A great Japanese Rival Schools art book/strategy guide. Nope, can't read it, but the artwork is where it's at! Edayan is THE MAN... one of my all time faves.

rival.jpg (140656 bytes)
127 pages!

Is that Terry Bogard?

Random students... lol. I love it.

Random sketches!


Another must have for any Capcom fan: Capcom Design Works... one of the best art books ever. EVER.

capcomdesignworks.jpg (238323 bytes)
Gotta love that wrap around cover.

Some of my favorite artworks of all time right here.

New Generation art, love it still to this day.

So much respect for Bengus.

Breath of Fire, and some badass chickens.



Street Fighter: Eternal Challenge art book, featuring awesome "History of Street Fighter" section!

eternal.jpg (149291 bytes)
Shinkiro cover!

Hmm... almost as good as a TFG profile.

Akuma, Charlie & Guy

Hilarious Street Fighter posters.

Black & white sketches.

Brush up on your history!

SNK VS Capcom: Chaos comic book in English! Some epic fights in this one.

svcchaos.jpg (151820 bytes)
Vol. 1.

It's about time.

Shit's going down.

Iori = pissed.

Hrarg Hrargh Rargh!!

A must-read for every Street Fighter player... the Street Fighter: Anniversary Collection strategy guide of course! Still in mint condition.

sf-anni.jpg (203415 bytes)
Practice up...

Or just look at the purdy pictures.

QCF + P = Hadoken.

Study something that actually matters.

Last but not least, a particularly badass edition of Arcadia magazine that I picked up in Hong Kong... classy magazine.

arcadia.jpg (232841 bytes)
Tekken 6 & 3rd Strike on the cover? Sold!

arcadia2.jpg (190499 bytes)
First page!
arcadia4.jpg (279503 bytes)
Blazblue: Continuum Shift.
arcadia3.jpg (154582 bytes)
Hazama sketches... nice!
arcadia5.jpg (200103 bytes)
Metal Slug artwork & Mai cosplays!

Alright... back to toys! Representin' Capcom's brilliant sidescroller, Viewtiful Joe! For the record, I bought these way before Joe appeared in any fighting games. Fan since day 1!

Captain Blue!

Viewtiful Joe!



Collect all 4.

The complete set of NECA Castlevania figures, sealed. These look too badass in the box to open, and they've skyrocketed in value since I got them! Love these.

alucard.jpg (188210 bytes)

dracula.jpg (194381 bytes)
succubus.jpg (168894 bytes)
simon.jpg (116190 bytes)
castle-back.jpg (161765 bytes)
The back.

A closer look at one of my prized possessions, the awesome 3-sided Tekken 5 Jin Kazama promotional stand-up. Also an Asuka/Lili artwork and my original TTT box signed by Katsuhiro Harada!

tekken5-standup2.jpg (276694 bytes)
Kazama-style karate FTW.

tekken5-standup3.jpg (347580 bytes)
 Put the camera on me!
tekken5-standup.jpg (330425 bytes)
In stores now!
harada-signed.png (1340650 bytes)
My original TTT box and an a TTT2 Asuka/Lili artwork, signed in person by Tekken creator, Katsuhiro Harada in 2011.

Tekken Tag Tournament Kazuya Mishima figure.

kaz-tag2.png (2198693 bytes)
Good luck finding this on Ebay for under $150.

kaz-tag.png (1643801 bytes)
(Not for sale yet).
kaz-tag3.png (1701407 bytes)
I gotta complete this set.

Some Tekken Tag Tournament poseable figures. Also for sale in the TFG Shop.

kaz-ttt1-box.jpg (122188 bytes)
Badass box art.

kaz-ttt1-box2.png (2431696 bytes)
TTT1 intro Kazuya.
law-ttt1-box.jpg (227077 bytes)
Forest Law.
law-ttt1-box2.jpg (149316 bytes)
Classic Lei Wulong.
lei-ttt1-figure2.jpg (155841 bytes)
Some of these for sale in the TFG Shop.

Tekken 4 Jin Kazama and Yoshimitsu poseable figures (open). That has to be my all time favorite incarnation of Yoshimitsu btw!

yoshi.jpg (125926 bytes)
It was tough to get him to stand up. lol.

yoshi2.jpg (112219 bytes)
Badass armor.
yoshi3.jpg (100055 bytes)
Yoshimitsu... Win.
kaz-jin.jpg (159314 bytes)
"Where's that 1 million yen you owe me, son."
kaz-jin2.jpg (165795 bytes)
Mishima style.

AND... Tekken 4 Steve Fox will be your host for the Final Fantasy section! Let's start with 1/6th scale statues. (NOTE: These are old-ass photos from like 2002). >_>

"You wanna try me guv?"

Why don't you wear that outfit in the game Steve?!



Kimahri is big.

Seifer - "Chicken wuss."

Tidus - "Hey don't call me that."


Group shot.

pins2.jpg (32490 bytes)
FFX pins.

Time to update the Final Fantasy part of the Showroom... like seriously! More UPDATES coming soon.

finalfantasy-trading-arts-mini.png (2894618 bytes)
Final Fantasy Trading Arts Mini

finalfantasy-trading-arts-mini2.png (1949575 bytes)
Love the look of this chibi art style.

Final Fantasy Play-Arts... best figures ever. For the record: I'm a long-time fan of FF7, FF8, FF9 & FF10. Those games are works of art.

"Yeah, whatever."


Hero team.

Awesome detail.

Classic poses. ;)


I can't pick a favorite...

And below, the heroes of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

Don't steal my materia bitch.

Death penalty.

I totally used this team in FF7.

Vincent close-up.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children villains... solid figures.



Dun dun dun.

I will... never be a memory.

Bad guys unite!

Some random Final Fantasy Gashapons (non-poseable).

ff712-mini.jpg (156481 bytes)
Final Fantasy 7-12 mini figures set.

dissidia.jpg (155966 bytes)
Dissidia complete set.
dissidia2.jpg (133210 bytes)
dissidia3.jpg (125409 bytes)
Who would win?
turks-vincent.jpg (64662 bytes)
Turks Vincent!

Miscellaneous Final Fantasy related stuffs, monsters, etc. . .

Kingdom Hearts II Sora.

You suuuure you wanna do that Sora?

Judge Magister Gabranth.

Iron Giant. Love this figure!

Iron Giant should be bigger... lol.


Shring! -9999 HP 

Pay me. 

I want a pet lion-dog... thingy.

Samurai style.

FF8 Odin. (variant)

FF9 Odin.

Transparent horsy.

Double Odin = Death.

Yuna, Rikku & Paine from Final Fantasy X2. I wasn't a huge fan of that game, but these figures are decent.




Ze Gullwings.

Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, X & Tekken 6 playing cards! <3

Sup Spiky.

Ahh, the memories.

One of my all time favorite RPGs.

Love those artworks.

Beat this game like 4 times.

Fat chocobo! <3


Some classic scenes.

tekken6-poker.jpg (167340 bytes)
Tekken 6 deck!

tekken6-poker2.jpg (141338 bytes)
Every card is different.
tekken6-poker3.jpg (157119 bytes)
Picked it up in Hong Kong.

If you can't admire the soundtracks of Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX & X... you have terrible taste in music.

Ahh, good stuff Nobuo.

I see a few cracks in those cases. lol.

Better than any mainstream crap.

10 year anniversary Final Fantasy VII slim PSP... as you can see, I was quite ecstatic when I got it.

Using the epic PSP internet browser.

Only 77,777 made!



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