Wednesday, March 8th, 2017  

  The King of Fighters XIV Whip DLC Reveal Trailer


Today, SNK uploaded Whip's King of Fighters XIV reveal trailer, confirming her as the first DLC fighter for the game. First appearing in KOF '99, Whip brings her long-range whip attacks and deadly throws to KOF XIV. Her 1-minute reveal trailer shows off some of her special and super moves. [UPDATE] Atlus USA confirmed that Whip will be released on April 5th for $5.99. Enjoy Whip's reveal trailer (below) courtesy of Playstation.

This means Okyochan's first prediction was correct! (Yamazaki is probably correct too.) 

(click image to open full-sized version in new window)


Sources:  PlayStationOkyochan
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