POSTED:  Saturday, February 3rd, 2017     (Feb. 6th, 2017)

"Ultimates" Are Coming to Killer Instinct Season 3 Beginning February 14th

Remember "Ultimate" finishing moves from the original Killer Instinct series? Iron Galaxy confirmed that Ultimates will soon be added to the game, the first 5 arriving on February 14th. Previously, Shadow Jago is the only character in the game with an Ultimate, but a total of 15 characters will be receive Ultimates in the future. Ultimates are performed by starting an Ultra Combo, then quickly pressing LP and LK. Check out a video of Chief Thunder's new Ultimate. [UPDATE] Added videos of new Ultimates for Maya, T.J. Combo and Tusk.

You can read more about Ultimates over at Ultra-Combo.com's blog from February 3rd, 2017.

Sources:  Ultra-Combo.comKiller Instinct
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