Thursday, February 8th, 2018

Why Eric Jacobus Got Into Making "TEKKEN in Real Life" Martial Arts Videos


If you're into martial arts and TEKKEN, you've probably heard of Eric Jacobus - the professional stuntman who has recreated dozens of character movesets in real life. Mr. Jacobus has achieved considerable fame doing so, with nearly 100,000 subscribers on Youtube. A new video by Circa offers a "behind the scenes" look at what got Eric Jacobus interested in "reverse-engineering" TEKKEN movesets back into real life.

In Eric's words, "TEKKEN is the ideal game for doing this because it's one of the more grounded martial arts fighting games. TEKKEN is that perfect mix between flashy and real life". (As a real life martial artist of 25+ years, I couldn't agree more.)

If you haven't checked out Eric Jacobus's Youtube channel featuring badass martial arts videos and fighting game movelist recreations, you're missing out. 

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JAN 8th, 2018!
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