POSTED:  Saturday, March 31st, 2018         (Apr. 29th, 2018)

Fighting EX Layer Hayate & Sanane Reveal Trailer, Arika Will Add DLC Characters if Game Sells Well


Arika released a new trailer for Fighting EX Layer that reveals two new playable characters for the upcoming PS4 fighting game: Hayate and Sanane. Fighting EX Layer producer and original Street Fighter 2 designer Akira Nishitani makes an appearance in the video to talk about the game's progress. Nishitani mentions that he wants to add DLC characters (Pullum, V.Rosso, Sharon & Area) but can only do so if the game sells well in the first month. Concept artwork of the 4 possible DLC characters is displayed at the end of the video. 






[UPDATE] Arika also revealed the official logo for Fighting EX Layer, along with official storylines for Hayate & Sanane!



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Source:  Arika (Youtube)
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