POSTED:  Tuesday, February 17th, 2015   (Feb. 19th, 2015)

First Images of TEKKEN 7's Boss, Kazumi Mishima


There aren't many badass female bosses in fighting games... and Kazuya's mother has something to say about that in TEKKEN 7. Now that the early version of TEKKEN 7 has launched in Japan, we're going to learn much more about Kazumi Mishima. At the moment, most arcade players are understandably enthralled with fighting online against others, so details & images regarding arcade mode are still scarce. Until we know more, enjoy the first screen grabs of Kazumi! [UPDATE] Scroll down for first gameplay video of Kazumi.






As you might expect, Kazumi has several Mishima-inspired moves. Boss Kazumi also transforms into a more powerful "Devil" version in the latest rounds and has a tiger "summon" projectile attack. Below are all the specifics we know about Kazumi Mishima so far:

  • Kazumi has the basic Mishima 1,1,2 and 1,2,2 attacks.

  • She has Jinpachi's floating u/f+3+4... not sure about follow-up.

  • She has a move similar to Jinpachi's d/b+2,1. (Low, High)

  • No Electric Wind God Fist has been seen yet.

  • Her Devil Form has laser attacks. She has a flying laser similar to Devil Jin's but has faster recovery animation (more like Kazuya's).

[UPDATE] Below are 2 videos showing Kazumi Mishima. The first video just shows her intro animation with her tiger. In the second video, Kazumi footage starts at 1:15. 


On a side note, Kazumi's TEKKEN 7 concept artwork was also recently updated with higher quality versions. Check it out below.



Source:  Flying Wonkey (Twitter)AvoidingThePuddlefoxstep83
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