Friday, October 12th, 2012

Street Fighter X Tekken Ver. 2013 - Details & Changes


At New York Comic-Con '12, Capcom announced "Street Fighter X Tekken: Version 2013", a free DLC update that includes major system changes and character tweaks, set to be released in mid-December. Some of the changes include a toned down visual effect for gems and slower health regeneration. Here's the full list of known changes so far:


  • The visual effect while Gems are active has been changed.


  • Recoverable health has more distinct color.


  • Normal throws are faster, now with a 5F start-up over the 7F start-up in previous versions.

  • Tekken characters have improved anti-air techniques.

  • Recoverable health regenerates at a slower rate, reducing the number of timeouts.

  • Cinematic camera during Boost Combos has been changed, giving battles a more speedy feel.


  • Ken - Extended the forward distance of Shippu Jinraikyaku with damage increased.
  • Kazuya - EX Wind God Fist now has full invincibility from start-up to the end of active frames.
  • Cammy - Hooligan Combination can take off to Cannon Strike EX.
  • Julia -Increased the damage of Lashing Arrow EX with wall bounce damage.. Extended in-air time on short distance heavy punch and can chain to Super Arts.
  • Bob - Giga Jacker EX sends opponent to a hard knockdown state.
  • Abel - Wall bounce on Counter Hit of Shoulder Tackle.
  • Xiaoyu - Invulnerable frame has been added on Hakkesho EX.
  • Balrog - Dash Swing Blow EX on crouched foes makes them fall on their backside.
  • Heihachi - Increased damage on Chrome Dom. Also, MAX Chrome Dome can't be defended.
  • Ibuki - While falling after Kunai EX, Canceling can be activated on Kunai EX.
  • Paul - Invulnerable time on Shredder EX has been extended.
  • Bob & Paul - Increased walking speed. 
  • M.Bison - Knee Press Nightmare is now projectile-invincible.

(Source: Capcom Unity, 4Gamer)