Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Soul Calibur 5 - Edge Master, Algol & Devil Jin Fighting Style Confirmed


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Edge Master and Algol have been confirmed as returning characters in Soul Calibur 5! In addition, a "Devil Jin fighting style" has been confirmed as one of the exclusive fighting styles for Creation Mode! Also confirmed is a character within "Quick Match" Mode that resembles Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada! Harada-san uses the Devil Jin fighting style and wears a Gi that resembles Heihachi's. If you can defeat Harada, you will be rewarded with a trophy/achievement (and apparently, unlock the Devil Jin fighting style).

Webmaster Comment:

I've been hoping for Edge Master to return to the series for a LONG TIME. . . . Namco just made my year. I'm pleased yet surprised that Edge Master looks nearly the same. 17 years later.... really Namco? lol. XD And a Devil Jin fighting style for Creation Mode?!? HELL YES!!!! They put EWGF back in my Soul Calibur! >:D