Friday, November 9th, 2011

First Screenshots of Soul Calibur on Apple iOS


soulcalibur-ios1.png (993142 bytes)  soulcalibur-ios3.png (1156666 bytes)  soulcalibur-ios2.png (1047428 bytes)
(No need to open in a new window. Just click & enjoy!)

Here are 3 screenshots of the upcoming iOS conversion of the original Soul Calibur Soul Calibur will hit Apple's mobile operating system sometime in 2012 complete with the original roster in its entirety. Like other fighting games on the platform, it will be controlled using an on-screen virtual gamepad.

Webmaster Comment:

Looks decent, but it can't touch the Dreamcast version. Heh. ;) So.... An "on-screen virtual gamepad" for Soul Calibur? Reeeeally? ... ^o^ lol. Good luck.