> May - June 2008 Feedback

My TFG Purchase :)

I received my Chun-li Variant! It is wonderful. Thank you very much. I love it as much as i love the capcom vs snk Chun-li figure! I am very happy with my new Chun-li Variant. I want to ask you when you will have the Chun Li SF 15th anniversary mini bust in. I want to be the first, if not one of the first to be notified when you have some of these available for purchase!!

Thank you very much! I can't describe how thankful i am! You have been so wonderful!


Frank replies: Thank you for the feedback! I'm glad to hear you are happy with your SOTA Chun Li figure... I will definitely let you know if I ever have another Chun Li 15th Anniversary Bust for sale. And good luck with your Chun Li collection!  Thanks again for your purchases and supporting the TFG Shop!

~TFG Webmaster

Dee from Darkstalkers. . .

Hello DudeI didn't notice Dee from Darkstalkers on the character list. I am not sure if you already know about him. Dee is a sercet character in Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection (Japanese version only). After Donovan fails to protect Anita, he turns into a demon that is similar to Demitri to continue protecting her. Also, I found the teenage Anita interesting.



Check out

-Andre B.

Frank replies: Wooow! If I didn't watch the video I don't think I would have even believed it... Honestly I've never even heard of Dee or teenage Anita until now. Even though Dee seems to be just a sprite edit of Demitri, I do find this design really interesting, since Donovan and Anita are indeed two of my favorite Darkstalkers characters. At least Dee has it's own select screen/victory art; and he looks rather badass as well. Looks like I have yet another character profile to add to TFG. Thanks for the info! I guess you're never too much of a fighting game enthusiast to learn something new about about a classic game.

~TFG Webmaster

Street Fighter IV's Rufus. . . 

Is it just me, or is his design a bastardization of Tekken 6's Bob and King of Fighters Maximum Impact's Lien Neville?

-John Colandrea

Frank replies: Hmm... Interesting observation... Let's see. Shall we? 

The answer is yes... If Mr. Bob, somehow miraculously "scored with" Lien... Their baby would come out looking something like fat retarded Rufus.

Case closed.

~TFG Webmaster

FightGen homepage. . .

Hey Frankie, Tyen again.

Just thought you'd like to know that there's a bit of a problem with the FightGen homepage. When it says
Welcome to www.FightersGeneration.com
(click on the link above if you can't see the picture below)

The link refreshes the page. This means if the person trying to visit the page can't see the picture,  they can't enter the site.

-Tyen Volg Raikov

Frank replies: That is for people who stumble upon the old website link: www.Gamegen.com... The picture will not be visible at that address, but when they click the link (at the top); they will be redirected to the correct address; thus the picture will be visible and they will be able to enter the site. 

~TFG Webmaster

TFG banner contest '08. . .

Here is my 1st submission, this is for the Characters section, I hope you can see I stepped my game up from last year, I spent hours doing this and hope it has the potential of becoming 1st place winner. Anyway, I just want to let you know that every morning I check out your site, it's basically a daily routine I been doing for years lol fo real. Also, you should check out my website, www.robdesignz.com I started working on this video game site for years that I soon will continue and post on my robdesignz website. On this website it's basically all the stuff I've done. I graduated college in Digital Media. So I know all the Adobe programs and many more, check it out, I hope you enjoy it!


Frank replies: Awesome banner, and cool site as well! I'm also glad to hear TFG has become a morning ritual for you. ;) Well, take care, and Thanks for entering the TFG Banner Contest 08'!

~TFG Webmaster

New Soul Calibur IV Trailer. . . 

I'll say this much for armor breaking...

It comes right from the original Soul Edge game, where you could destroy your opponent's weapon.  I missed that aspect as it was very believable.  There is only so much damage/stress weapons and armors can take before they genuinely break.  That Namco brought this back is sweet!

-John Colandrea

Frank replies: I agree... The weapon disarms in Soul Edge/Blade were really innovative and cool, but weren't really a big part of the gameplay and happened rarely. From what I've heard, Soul Calibur IV's new armor break system seems to have actual relevance during gameplay; and should be effective against those "turtling" players. Heh heh.

~TFG Webmaster

Quarter for your thoughts. . .

Just wanted to start off by saying the site is great. It's good to see the fighting genre hasn't been forgotten in the face of GTA and Halo. So I got two questions for ya:

What are your thoughts on the UFS card game?

Have you ever considered hosting a forum/message board on the site for members of the fighting game community to interact?


Frank replies: I actually picked up a Capcom starter pack of the UFS card game, and I appreciate the artwork; but the game isn't for me. I might have been able to get into it if a few of my buddies were, but nobody around here is... lol. Jet3000 and I are big fans of Card Fighters Clash, and UFS just doesn't appear to be anything like (or as fun) as Card Fighters. So we'd simply rather bring out the old NeoGeo Pocket for some card battles, or even play some Card Fighters DS.

~TFG Webmaster

Character personas. . .

The character personas page you just added is a godsend, mate.  For a while now, I've been working on a writing thing... I don't know if it's a novel or what, but it's essentially an ode to fighting games and all that sort of stuff, and the personas page has just given me a good brush of motivation as well as an impact on my starting off point.  Cheers!


Frank replies: I've been wanting to update the Character Personas page for a while now. My good friend Tony V randomly decided to make some new banners for the page and sent them to me... I guess he figured an update was in order.  Anyhow, I'm glad you enjoyed the page... And good luck with your project!

~TFG Webmaster

Your site is awesome!!!!!

Hey what's up! I just wanted you guys to know your site is really great!! I've been visiting for years (even before you switched the characters page lol), and it's really cool to see archives of my favorite characters and games! As soon as I get some money up I'm gonna finally become a member! There's just no other site like this! I figure you guys get emails like this all the time, but I always visit and never actually thank you guys, so THANKS!

-Tarryn (New York City)

Frank replies: Thank you for visiting... And I'm sure as soon as you become a member you'll enjoy the site even further. Take care.

~TFG Webmaster

My Humble Feedback. . . 

Hi Frank,

Firstly I want to say that I love your site. I would visit your site almost everyday. That are too much information to read about on the characters. I have been visiting your site ever since the address was www.gamegen.com. I remember I found your site when I was looking for SF1 characeters profile, AND I FOUND YOUR SITE!!! The first impression was OMG WHAT A GREAT SITE. But during that time your SF1 characters' profile was not that accurate, I remember you writing Ibuki is Geki's daughter. But you have updated it :) After so many years, I can really see the effort you put in.

Anyway I have some questions I would like to ask. Normally what type of fighting games you would choose to put in your site? Beside those popular ones by Capom, SNK etc... Have you thought of adding fighting games like Bleach, Naruto, Dragonball and Gundam?

Next question. Have you thought of making a forum for your site? I believe lots of people actually visit your site so it may a good chance to for people to communicate together through the forum :)

And one last question. When is Jet going to continue on his Dan and Akuma mini comic? I have been waiting damn long to see it. His arts are really damn nice. Maybe he can help Udon come out with a comic on Pocket Fighter ?? :D

Thatís all for now :) Keep up the good work :)



Frank replies: First off, thanks for visiting for so long. Yeah, the character info back in the day came from many different sources (and still does), but after time I've narrowed my sources down, those of which are much more dependable as you can see. ;) I feel like I've answered your other question before in other Feedbacks, but it's okay; I'll answer them again.

1. I prefer adding fighting games to TFG that have their own unique character designs... All those popular anime you mentioned are so popular already, and I'm sure there are a million sites where you can get pictures of Dragonall and Naruto characters. I want TFG to be a place where people can learn about "fighting game characters" they may have never seen or heard of before. I'm not saying I'll never add anime fighting games, but I'll tell you now  it's highly unlikely that you'll ever see the likes of Naruto or Dragonball on TFG.

2. We had a pretty cool TFG forum going back in the day, but my partner who was hosting the forum wasn't very "reliable." I'd eventually like to start the forums up again "some day," but I've yet to find a (free) forum host that I really like... I'd  want the TFG forums to be unique and unlike any other forums out there. I've thought about both the pros and cons to having forums on the site; the cons being "bandwidth/space, time/effort, and dealing with those few assholes.  But the pros may actually be worth it... It would be nice if TFG had more of a community feel, giving fighting game fans a place to interact. TFG Members could also have special avatars/options on the forums... So there is potential someday, but honestly right now I just don't have the time to dedicate to it.  And if anyone wants to help, I'm always up for suggestions. ;)

3. I will mention that to Jet... 

Thanks for the questions and thanks again for being a visitor since the early days! Take care...

~TFG Webmaster

Greetings from the UK. . .

Hey there Mr. Yagami!

I have been reading your site for half a decade or so now. Several years ago I challenged you to a Soul Calibur 2 match at Megacon '04 where you proceeded to hand me my ass in the final round. I was playing as Kilik, you were playing as Ivy I believe. I was there with my friend, we were cosplaying Kyo and K'.

Well, now I'm all grown up, and an Intelligence Analyst for the US Air Force. I am keeping the fighting spirit alive in the UK, arranging small scale tournaments when I can on base and out in town. Perhaps one of these days I can pit my improved skills against you; the fledgling has grown.

Keep up the great work on the site, and thank you for keeping the fighting spirit alive!


Frank replies: I remember you guys... How ya been? Haha, I was surprised that you actually recognized me from the site at that convention. We even took a pic, not sure if you've ever even seen it. 

I was actually thinking about that convention recently; I remember they had a pretty decent arcade... And now that you mention it, I do remember taking some names in SC2 with Ivy.  Glad to hear you've been keeping your skills sharp; perhaps one day we'll meet again and have us some matches... Until then, keep on defending our country man! Thanks! And take care!

~TFG Webmaster