TFG Feedback - January 2017


TFG Webmaster Here! Heya guys, it's been a while. In late 2016, I renovated all previous TFG feedback pages, improving their visual appearance on mobile device (and standard browsers as well). After not "updating" the Feedback section with future entries in 2016, I also realized that I receive far fewer emails than I used to. Understandably, the rise of social media and instant interactions has replaced the "ancient" form of communication known as email. In the past few years, I've connected with many of you and answered many questions through Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, and even Instagram. I look forward to continuing TFG's social media presence into the future.

After 15+ years of "quietly" working on TFG... in January 2017, I posted my first ever "talking video" on Youtube. The great response I received in the comment section was truly humbling... and actually made my month. I plan on uploading further vlogs and addressing interesting topics concerning fighting games and the fighting game community. Without further ado, enjoy the first official Fighters_Gen vlog, below. Also be sure to read some of the great comments by long-time TFG visitors (and my responses). That said... Welcome to "next-gen" TFG Feedback!


In closing, I would like to keep updating TFG's Feedback section, in some form or another. However, with managing 5 TFG social media outlets, in addition to working on TFG news articles, reviews, artwork updates, and various other projects (not to mention actually playing fighting games), I'm not sure how often I'll be able to update the Feedback section in the future. In any case, it will likely always be here if you ever want to look back at previous TFG Feedback. Thanks guys!


TFG Webmaster