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Shirase is a mysterious new character in Fighting EX Layer. Her official storyline is unknown.

Shirase appears to be a "dark" or possibly evil version of Hokuto. In the original SFEX storyline, Hokuto's brother Kairi followed the evil path of "Ashura". The elders assigned Hokuto to find Kairi and stop him before he completely followed the path of evil. After long months of searching, Hokuto finally found her brother. Much to her dismay, he had already been consumed by the Ashura. Hokuto fought Kairi in the hopes of returning him to his senses, but was defeated by her vastly powerful brother. Could her defeat have lead to her becoming Shirase?

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Fighting EX Layer

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Page Updated:  Nov. 16th, 2017

As one of the SFEX mainstays, she balanced out the roster nicely. I was also glad to see another "serious" martial arts user in Street Fighter. You might say Hokuto is basically the Street Fighter rendition of Kasumi Todo... I guess they wanted their own Aikido chick with brown hair (it seems to be a common occurrence anyhow). lol. To be blunt, I like Hokuto a lot better than Kasumi. Her in-game fighting style was actually really well done at the time... notably her throw animations. Hokuto's extremely catchy BGM also boosted her likeability, and her "Evil" version was also really cool to use. 

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