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Rash is one of the three Battletoads. His real name is Dave Shar. Rash stands 6'3" inches tall, weighs 182 lbs, has a black belt in Karate, likes videogames & superheroes and considers himself a rock/rap artist. He is known to move quickly, and is differentiated from the other Battletoads (Zitz and Pimple) by his black shades, extroverted personality, and tendency to show off and crack jokes. Rash has been playable in every Battletoads game except for the Battletoads Game Boy sequel (due to being kidnapped).

According to the original game's storyline, the Battletoads were originally three human computer technicians and roommates - Dave Shar (Rash), Morgan Ziegler (Zitz), and George Pie (Pimple). Shar was the show-off and extrovert of the three who loved to crack jokes, his big mouth often getting them in trouble. The trio tested a Battletoads video game by playing the game as the Battletoads in a sort of virtual reality simulation. They eventually became suspicious of their boss, Silas Volkmire, and decided to investigate the office at night. Upon finding the video game unit turned on, they tested it to see if it had been tampered with. This was a trap, transporting Shar, Ziegler, and Pie to a planet in a distant part of the galaxy, permanently transformed into the Battletoads. When the evil Dark Queen attempted to destroy the toads' upon their arrival, they fought their way to freedom with the assistance of Professor T. Bird, who became the toads' friend and mentor. Forgetting Silas for now, the toads decided never to rest until the Dark Queen was defeated once and for all.

On a planet far from the Earth, Rash continues to battle against the forces of the Dark Queen. Tired of speed-running the same old thing over and over again, Rash asks Professor Bird if there are any other challenges he could face. Bird claims that he does have a proposition, but it's a little... unusual. Rash accepts the offer and boards their spacecraft, the Vulture, and is transported to the Earth to do battle with the contestants of the Killer Instinct universe, his crazy craving for action soon to be fulfilled.
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Killer Instinct: Season 3

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Page Updated:  May 3rd, 2016

 Yup... pretty awesome idea to have a Battletoad return in 2016. Iron Galaxy did a great job bringing him into Killer Instinct, and he surprisingly fits. Full review coming soon.

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