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Portrayed by the actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Negan is a main character and an antagonist who appears in AMC's The Walking Dead. He was the original founder and former leader of the Saviors. After a short war against the Militia of his formerly subjugated communities, he was defeated and taken as a prisoner to the Alexandria Safe-Zone. He remained imprisoned in Alexandria for seven and a half years, until Gabriel Stokes failed to properly close his cell door, allowing him to escape. He served as the primary antagonist of the second half of Season 6, and the whole of Season 7 and Season 8.
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Tekken 7 (Season 2)

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Page Updated:  Mar. 16th, 2019

While Negan is an odd fit for TEKKEN, Namco continues to "show off" by proving they can literally take any character, even a real actor from a TV series, and turn them into a TEKKEN character with a unique playstyle. It's impressive alone that they actually used Jeffrey Dean Morgan's likeness and voice in the game.

I was a fan of TWD since the first season, watching it religiously until Season 6 (when Negan was introduced). Negan represents a point in the series when the writers were "shit out of ideas"... hence the decline of the show. Even though they were "sticking to the comics," TWD's writing became so juvenile and insultingly bad that I had to stop watching it during the "Negan era". However, I have to admit JDM's Negan as a character has undeniable screen presence, which carries over in TEKKEN 7. He's easily one of the most chatty and entertaining TEKKEN characters / guest fighting game characters ever. Negan's hilarious battle cries and quotes in T7 are comedy gold. Hearing Negan yelling "SHIT" and "DAMN" while being combo'd is one of the most satisfying things ever. lol. As the first TEKKEN character fighting with a baseball bat (by default), Negan's moveset is interesting and well-designed. Still, Negan is the most sadistic asshole POS ever created (and the person who created this character is fucked up in the head)... but somehow his appearance in T7 makes me appreciate the character slightly more.

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