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Hawkgirl is a legacy character used by female counterparts to the super-hero Hawkman. She wields a mace and uses Nth Metal technology to fly. Carter Hall's wife Shiera Sanders was the first to use the name during the Golden Age, although Katar Hol's wife Shayera Hol from the planet Thanagar used it during the Silver Age. Kendra Saunders, a reincarnation of Shiera, would also take the name until she was murdered during Blackest Night. The character has been involved with the All-Star Squadron, Birds of Prey, Justice League and Justice Society. Hawkgirl was created by Gardner Fox, Dennis Neville and Sheldon Moldoff, first appearing in Flash Comics #1.
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Injustice: Gods Among Us

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Page Updated:  July 28th, 2013

I'm obviously not a DC buff, so I'm strictly judging Hawkgirl's design by her Injustice appearance. For starters, I think NetherRealm did an okay job at somewhat revamping her original attire... it's not like they had much to work with in the first place. lol. Honestly, I think that costume of hers is pretty hideous. However, her "Black Lantern" alternate costume is a bit cooler.

Hawkgirl's Injustice fighting style has its moments, but a lot of her animations just turn me off. She's got some real clunkers in terms of special move animations. On the bright side, I like how she can take flight for a while and she's actually mildly fun to use in the game. As far as her personality goes, they didn't do much in Injustice to show it off. 

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