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General RAAM
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Originally from the Gears of War series, General RAAM is the leader of the Locust Hordes' military. He appears as a guest character in Killer Instinct Season 3. General RAAM is a Locust, a sapient reptilian creature who lives underneath the surface on the planet Sera, a planet similar to Earth. The Locusts desired to escape a civil war going on in their subterranean home and began invading the surface, attacking the humans. Having high approval of Queen Myrrah and being head of the Locust military, RAAM led his people against the humans on Emergence Day to brilliant effect - a decade later and he continues to fight valiantly for ownership of the surface world. It is unknown how he came to the Earth to battle the fighters of the Killer Instinct world.

Killer Instinct: Season 3



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Page Updated:  Dec. 9th, 2018

General RAAM... that's cute that he spells his name with CAPITAL LETTERS so he feels important. I only played a little bit of Gears of War, so forgive me if I don't know how awesome this guy is (or isn't). However, by looks alone... General RAAM is everything wrong with "characters" in most first person / third person shooters. He just looks like another bad guy "boss" that you fight for 3 minutes and then he's dead. Whoop de doo. Is this a character that GOW fans would really want in Killer Instinct? Somehow I doubt it.

Crossing over a generic-looking FPS bad guy into the fighting game world filled with vibrant personalities? Not sure it really worked. Seriously, what's wrong with this guy's face. His face looks like moldy bread. His space armor is also poorly designed and looks shoddy... I think he needs to level-up and upgrade it. In KI, his moveset is pretty generic for the most part. He mostly just stabs people, and his animations are stiff and jerky. Not a fan. Forgettable.

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