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Akatsuki is a character originally from the obscure 2D fighting game, Akatsuki Blitzkampf. He makes an appearance in Under Night In-Birth as a guest character.

Akatsuki's UNIEL story is as follows: A man of mystery who suddenly appeared in this world. His body is endowed with a vital secret, he acts in with utmost secrecy. After awakening from his long slumber, he returned to his homeland to discover the scenery had become all too unfamiliar. Despite not knowing left from right in this land, he fully intends to accomplish the mission that he was entrusted with. He possesses a body forged from constant training and martial arts and has the ability to discharge electricity through his "Blitzanzug". Possessing a projectile, anti-air, and rushing attacks all together, it's as if he's the main character. Just who is this man?

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Akatsuki Blitzkampf

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Under Night In-Birth

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Page Updated:  Feb. 3rd, 2019

After seeing his design visually, I was excited to try him out in UNIEL. Surprisingly, the dude only has 3 special moves and plays like a Shoto... COOL. ^__^ I like shotos. He's got a cool-looking shoryuken move (with a pose that hasn't been done before), and a lot of his attacks and animations are badass in general. If he was a total Shoto-clone I wouldn't respect the design very much, but nearly all of his normals are unique and look really cool. He actually uses a variety of "authentic" Karate-style moves... and I can respect a 2D fighting game character (especially in an anime fighting game) that just punches and kicks the hell outta shit and calls it a day. No extra fluff needed.

Akatsuki's appearance and outfit is somewhat simple and nothing too extraordinary, but he's got some cool alternate colors at least. He also must train in the same projectile-throwing style as Urien & Gill. ;) 

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