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He is the main hero of Neo Geo Battle Coliseum. Like Ai, he is a Federal Agent who joins the fighting competition "Battle Coliseum" held by WAREZ, he seeks to ascertain the identity of the ringleader, which is shrouded in mystery, and to put an end to their evil "designs" (emulated SNK games). Yuki has based all his moves in old Neo Geo, such as indirect references to various icons of this company. Also, he transforms into 2 characters: Duke Edwards from Burning Fight and Atomic Guy from King of the Monsters. Yuki is loosely based off of the character Shin from Card Fighters Clash.
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Neo Geo Battle Coliseum


Card Fighters Clash DS


Page Updated:  Sept. 12th, 2013

Yuki is a cool "Japanese superhero-esk" design by SNK, and has some spectacular special moves. I find it incredibly funny how his mission is to stop video game "emulation" (see Neo Geo Battle Coliseum story)... LMAO. SNK is too clever. Overall, he's an entertaining character to watch and an equally fun character to use. For a "new" SNK design, he's a solid protagonist for a cross-over game such as Battle coliseum

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