Yagyu Hanma
(LAST UPDATE: 2/19/2010)

Hanma is an expert inventor of the Yagyu clan. One day, he was ordered by his superiors to observe a rival clan. To do this, he slipped into the clan under the guise of a body guard for the princess. The princess instantly found Hanma to be an enjoyable character because of his smiling face and appointed him as her personal bodyguard. However, one day, the father of the princess told Hanma to go investigate the mysterious puppeteer.

Shortly before he left, he created a robot version of himself, called Karakuri Hanma to ensure the safety of the princess. However, in his over zealousness, he had made a mistake in the programming, causing it to attack her. Realizing what occurred, he was forced to destroy his creation and come to her rescue.


Samurai Shodown 64


Samurai Shodown 64: Warrior's Rage

This guy's a weird one, but none the less cool. He looks like he could be right out of the Ninja Scroll series.
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